• ONYX


Modern design and innovative technology. Exceptional ergonomics and attractive design.


1. Higher rigidityfor better precision in higher cutting speeds and higher temperatures.

2. Cutting up to 300mm thickness because of 100mm higher positioned gantry

3. Longer track width provides smoother positioning on X axis.

4. Fourfront and fourback LED powerlights integrated in the carriagesprovide much higher safety at work for operators and workers in production hall.

5. Unique control body for CNCcontrol brings several benefits for operators.

- freeangle adjustment for ergonomic work.

- freerotational adjustment for individual observation and programing position.

- positionat the front end of the carriage gives unique observation angle in front of the suportfor most effective multi torch cutting

observation and bevel cutting operations and referring works

6. New 19’’ CNC touch controller with more integrated automated functions for higher work comfort and more intuitive  operations for unexperienced operators.

7. Carriage integrated electrical cabinet for higher heat resistance against heat influenced components.


8. Better accessto electrical cabinet for maintenanceworks.

9. Unique heat and dust covered wires  on the gantry provide higher reliability in heavy duty cutting and sparks from piercing process.

10. Sensitive body closed peripheral equipmentlike auto gas consoles and gas valves provide maximum lifetime and work stability

11. 100mm higher positioned gantry provides minimized heat influence in thermal cutting for optimum cutting accuracy and full range cutting thickness of 300mm materials without manual adjustment  by  operator.

12. Avaliable heat cover on carriage and Y axisfor long term heavy duty cutting .

13. Carriage integrated light barriersin the front and back side for prevention of potential collision between operator and gantry.

14. Carriage integrated and dust covered air conditioner for electrical cabinet secures best requirements for stable working performance.

15. Optional gantry extension for tubes and profile cutting. 


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