GA 121
  • GA 121

GA 121

GA 121 from axxair is an easy handling tube beveling machines to cut tubes up to 4.5 inches

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Technical Specifications:

  • Basic jaws Ø1” to 4,5” ( Ø24 to Ø121 mm ) Included stainless steel auxiliary jaws Ø 0,25” to 4,25” ( Ø 15 to Ø 108 mm )

  • Supplied with plastic protection and profile guide

  • Technology: screw carbide inserts: 10 x faster than HSS tools. Superior service life

  • Max 8 mm according to spinner*

  • Patented System

  • Scalability: may be transformed into a cutting and orbital welding machine

  • Weight: 37 kg (easy handling)

  • V bevel with profile guide roller

  • J bevel with profile guide roller 

  • Outer profile guide system: to account for tube "out of round"

  • Rotation handle as standard: extends blade life and optimizes cutting quality


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