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The digital TIG inverter welding system for applications on the go: • TipTronic • Superior mobility • pulse and fast pulse up to 2 kHz • LorchNet connection • Low energy consumption

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At a glance:

Outstanding TIG welding characteristics thanks to inverter technology:

Distinguished by their high efficiency and superb welding characteristics, inverters utilise digital software control
technology that has a significant influence on the outcome of the welding process.

In a robust, completely transportable industrial housing:

The tough metal housing safely protects the high-end technological innards of your system. Completely transportable at
the handles, the machine is also suitable for crane transport.

remote control:

Welders often experience that the conditions on site do not allow them to place their welding machine right beside them.
When faced with this type of situation, they find the use of a remote control helpful as it allows them to intervene and
adjust the welding current if necessary. This is why Lorch has included a large variety of different hand and foot remote
controls in their V series, which are ready for use right away thanks to their plug&play support.

LorchNET connection:

All machines of Lorch's V series come with a LorchNet connection. This digital data interface provides standardised
communication and ensures that all components located in a Lorch automation system understand each other perfectly
thanks to Plug&Weld technology.

Aluminium welding (AC/DC variant):

Positive polarity ignition and automatic cap shape produce a perfectly shaped arc during aluminium welding. The special
amplitude of the alternating current combined with an optimised current balance yields an excellent cleaning effect and a
manageable weld pool.


Working in the background, cutting-edge processor technology ensures that the gas pre-flow, the shaping of the arc and
the control of the welding current work together seamlessly during welding. The result of this smooth interaction are
superior duty cycle levels and increased productivity.


The SmartBase expert database provides for optimum arc conditions:


SmartBase is the name of the expert database devised by Lorch to control the arc. This database lets you adjust the
parameter settings yourself, giving you the freedom you need to tweak and correct even the finest details of the process
you are applying.

Low energy consumption:

The included on-demand function automatically turns the components of your Lorch V 24 mobile on and off as needed.
Thermal control sensors monitor the temperature of the components and regulate the speed of the fan accordingly. This
smart technology reduces fan noise and dust levels in the machine compartment and helps conserve energy.

Pulse and fast pulse up to 2 kHz:

The standard pulse function with up to 2 kHz that is built into every machine offers you additional benefits when welding
thin plates.

Plain text display with language selection and TipTronic:

Thanks to the clearly structured user interface and the slanted operating panel, the device control remains well visible
throughout operation and affords the user an ergonomic operating position. You select the AC or DC function, the electrode
diameter and the welding current based on the machine you are using. When working in TipTronic mode, you can then
save your ideal setting for each weld.

Automatic final current reduction:

Lorch's automatic final current reduction produces perfectly clean weld ends by filling the end crater.


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