TF PRO 300
  • TF PRO 300

TF PRO 300

Maximum TIG productivity thanks to integrated cold wire feed. • Integrated wire feed for TIG cold wire • Mobile with integrated water cooling • Intelligent Torch Control • TipTronic • pulse and fast pulse up to 2 kHz • Low energy consumption

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At a glance:

Outstanding TIG welding characteristics thanks to inverter technology:

Distinguished by their high efficiency and superb welding characteristics, inverters utilise digital software control
technology that has a significant influence on the outcome of the welding process.

The SmartBase expert database provides for optimum arc conditions:

SmartBase is the name of the expert database devised by Lorch to control the arc. This database lets you adjust the
parameter settings yourself, giving you the freedom you need to tweak and correct even the finest details of the process
you are applying.

Pulse and fast pulse up to 2 kHz:

The standard pulse function with up to 2 kHz that is built into every machine offers you additional benefits when welding
thin plates.


Using the TipTronic facility, you save your ideal setting for each weld so that you can effortlessly retrieve the settings one
at a time using the Up-Down or Powermaster torch when performing recurring welding tasks.

Electrode welding function:

Electrode welding with Hotstart, Anti-Stick and Arc-Force regulation: The automatic Hotstart feature guarantees perfect
ignition every time, while the Anti-Stick system reliably prevents the electrode from sticking, and Arc-Force regulation
supports the welding process when you are dealing with difficult electrodes.

Remote control:

Welders often experience that the conditions on site do not allow them to place their welding machine right beside them.
When faced with this type of situation, they find the use of a remote control helpful as it allows them to intervene and
adjust the welding current if necessary. This is why Lorch has included a large variety of different hand and foot remote
controls in their T series, which are ready for use right away thanks to their plug&play support.

Mobile with integrated water cooling:

Featuring a water cooling system that is housed in a compact mobile case, the Lorch TF-Pro 300 is perfectly suited for use
at workshops on site.

Changeover DC to AC:

Available as DC and AC/DC versions in all power variants, Lorch's T series provides you with maximum flexibility.


Intelligent Torch Control:

Thanks to Intelligent Torch Control (ITC), Lorch's smart torch control system, the machines included in the T series are
capable of detecting whether the inserted torch is a standard torch or one of Lorch's latest-generation torches. This system
offers an extensive range of protective features and affords the welder a significant amount of added convenience.

Interval-spot function:

Lorch's interval-spot function reduces distortion during thin sheet metal welding.

Low energy consumption:

The included on-demand function automatically turns the components of your Lorch TF-Pro 300 on and off as needed, while
the thermal control sensors monitor the temperature of your system and regulate the speed of the fan accordingly. This
smart technology reduces fan noise and dust levels in the machine compartment and helps conserve energy.

Non-contacting HF ignition:

The TIG arc is ignited without direct contact by high-voltage pulses. Ignition is triggered with the press of a button to
ensure that the tungsten electrode does not come into contact with the workpiece. Putting an end to welds with tungsten
inclusions, this technology reduces the strain on the electrode. When working in HF-sensitive environments or on tools, the
operator has the additional option of switching to ContacTIG (contact ignition).

Integrated wire feed for TIG cold wire:

The wire feeder integrated into the TF-Pro 300 reliably feeds the filler metal to the weld pool. A 4-roll feed motor with a
specially tuned gearbox combination is in charge of guiding the wire along. The digital speed monitor ensures precise
synchronisation, which is essential for the perfect weld. If the current intensity changes, the automatic setting control will
adjust the wire feed speed. The wire outlet, which is pointing down diagonally, combined with the Fast Connect System
(FCS) of Lorch's TIG cold wire torch ensures that the wires are threaded in easily and unwind in a reliable manner even
when made of aluminium. The TIG cold wire feed is controlled using a separate, removable control panel.


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