S5 pulse
  • S5 pulse

S5 pulse

Pulse welding at its best. What started with aluminum is today also essential when working with steel. High end quality with the Saprom technology from Lorch has made pulse welding productive

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The S-SpeedPulse® Series at a glance:

  • Infinitely variable welding inverter for MIG-MAG pulsed arc welding
  • Including SpeedPulse = up to 48 % faster
  • Comes standard with TwinPuls® and Speed-TwinPuls
  • Comes with SpeedArc and SpeedRoot as standard
  • Optionally available with SpeedUp and SpeedCold
  • With manual metal arc welding function (incl. gouging from the S5-SpeedPulse upwards)
  • In robust, completely transportable industrial housing
  • Available as compact system or with separate wire feeder case
  • Double feeder variants with one or two separate wire feeders
  • Feeder available in different versions:as workshop, construction, dockyard or robot case
  • Available as gas or water cooled
  • Industrial 4-roll precision feeder
  • Plain text display with language selection
  • Digital display of welding current and voltage
  • Tiptronic job memory for up to 100 welding tasks
  • Quatromatic function
  • Suitable for use with Lorch Powermaster remote control torch technology
  • Can be optionally equipped for push-pull torch and intermediate drive (for up to 43 m welding range)
  • Can be completely automated (LorchNet connection, robot interface or bus coupling)
  • Manufactured and tested according to DIN EN 60974-1,with CE mark, S-symbol and IP 23

S-SpeedPulse series:

  • SpeedPulse
  • SpeedCold
  • Speed-TwinPuls
  • Puls
  • TwinPuls
  • SpeedArc
  • SpeedRoot
  • SpeedUp


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