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Our most powerful series. • Ready for Speed • EN 1090-certified • Mobility • Intuitive operation • Quatromatic mode

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At a glance:

Ready for Speed:

You can now finish your welding jobs even faster by taking advantage of Lorch's optional speed upgrades SpeedRoot,
SpeedUp and SpeedCold as well as of the standard option SpeedArc.


Our Lorch P 3000 mobile with trolley wheelset will meet all your mobility needs as it allows you to both carry the unit and
move it on its wheels.


The 300 and 550 ampere models included in Lorch's P series are powerful enough to weld materials of all levels of


Operating equally well with argon-CO₂ mixed gas and 100% CO₂, Lorch's P series is perfectly equipped for international

EN 1090-certified:

As synergetic control and automatic setting control are built in, Lorch's P series is guaranteed to produce welding results
that are in conformity with the EN 1090. Combine your machine with Lorch's special offer EN 1090 package, and you are
ready to handle any welding task they can throw at you.

Fully customisable:

Every welding machine included in Lorch's P series is fully customisable, allowing you to find the machine that matches
your welding requirements perfectly.



All machines of the Lorch P series with a power output of up to 550 amperes are also available with a compact housing.
This space-saving design allows you to stow your unit under the workbench or use it as a storage surface for equipment
that you can place on its top.

EN 1090-certified:

The EN 1090 WPS package accompanying the Lorch P series helps you save time and money as it eliminates the need for
individual tests of your welding results. The package is comprised of welding instructions that apply to all relevant standard
welding processes and have been certified by an approved and independent authority.

Data documentation:

Lorch's optional Q-Data recorder allows you to keep a firm eye on the quality standards your client wants you to observe
and detect and avoid any errors before they become a problem.

remote control:

Every Lorch P series system can be operated by remote control. Remote control can be exercised either using the Lorch
Powermaster torch or an external operating panel. You can also connect a remote control if you want to operate the
machine in electrode mode.


As it comes with PushPull capability built in, the Lorch P 3000 mobile expands your working radius significantly when used
in combination with a PushPull torch or a Lorch NanoFeeder.

Job tool:

You can use your PC to access the power source to adjust job settings and transfer them to other power sources with no
effort at all.

Protection all around:

The various protective mechanisms incorporated into the Lorch P 3000 mobile reliably protect it against such external
influences as flying sparks or dust.


Lorch's P series marries performance with efficiency. Slash your energy costs and produce exceptional welding results at
the same time.


Quatromatic lets you save three individual parameter settings and select these in 4-step mode using the torch trigger.

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