MicorMig 350
  • MicorMig 350

MicorMig 350

The MIG-MAG all-rounder for every application. • End crater filling • Dynamic control • EN 1090-certified • Ready for Speed • Intuitive operation • Patented MicorBoost technology

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At a glance:

No-contact data transfer:

The digital interface allows for effortless access and management of your power source thanks to Lorch's NFC cards. The
card management utility assists you in controlling user access rights, allows you to read and write jobs and makes
upgrading as easy as can be.

End crater filling:

End crater filling can be activated when necessary and ensures that the welding current is not cut off abruptly but, instead,
lowered in a controlled manner. This feature gives the weld pool enough time to cool down, and the end crater is filled
automatically with material when the welding current is rather low.

Dynamic control:

The dynamic control feature lets you choose the arc characteristics you prefer. Depending on the operating panel you have
selected, you can opt for dynamic levels that range from "soft" to "hard".

Infinitely variable welding inverter:

In contrast to conventional transformer systems, the machines of the Lorch MicorMIG series make it possible for operators
to customise the current-voltage ratio in an infinitely variable manner, thereby allowing them to pick the setting that is
perfect for their particular welding requirements.


Operating equally well with argon-CO₂ mixed gas and 100% CO₂, Lorch MicorMIG is perfectly equipped for international use.


Lorch's Powermaster torch enables the welder to control all key parameters including operating points or dynamics right
from the torch's handle recess.

EN 1090-certified:

As synergetic control and automatic setting control are built in, Lorch MicorMIG is guaranteed to produce welding results
that are in conformity with the EN 1090. Combine your machine with Lorch's special offer EN 1090 package as well as
parameter setting control by NFC cards, and you are ready to handle any welding task they can throw at you.



All machines of the Lorch MicorMIG series with a power output of up to 500 amperes are also available with a compact
housing. This space-saving design allows you to stow your unit under the workbench or use it as a storage surface for
equipment that you can place on its top.

Wire compartment lighting:

The powerful LEDs integrated into the compartment of the wire feeder make it much easier for you to change the reel and
thread in the wire even in complete darkness or low light conditions.

Optimised electrode welding:

Apart from producing flawless MIG-MAG weld seams, Lorch MicorMIG systems also allow you to achieve outstanding
electrode welding results. All you need to do to convert your MicorMIG into an electrode welding machine is remove the
torch, connect the electrode holder to the additional electrode port and select electrode welding on the operating panel. If
you activate the "Electrode-Plus" upgrade, you can even perform such tasks as CEL, rutile and basic welding as well as

Welder identification made easy:

The ability to clearly define the setup and operating rights for different users is a feature of key importance for today's
production plants. The no-contact data transfer option available for Lorch's MicorMIG series makes it possible to identify the
welder at any time.

Colour-coded feed rolls:

Lorch´s colour-coded feed rolls of the MicorMIG series represent different wire diameters and make replacing the rolls a
walk in the park.

Easy replacement of inter-connection hose package:

The locking mechanism and the strain relief device of the inter-connection hose package are designed in such a way that
they can be replaced by the welder himself.

EN 1090-certified:

The EN 1090 WPS package accompanying the Lorch MicorMIG helps you save time and money as it eliminates the need for
individual tests of your welding results. The package is comprised of welding instructions that apply to all relevant standard
welding processes and have been certified by an approved and independent authority.

Data documentation:

Lorch's Q-Data recorder allows you to keep a firm eye on the quality standards your client wants you to observe and detect
and avoid any errors before they become a problem.

Job management:

You can use the ControlPro operating panel to write any welding job you have set up to a blank NFC card and retrieve the
stored information at any Lorch MicorMIG power source (BasicPlus or greater) whenever you need it.
Intuitive operation
The Lorch MicorMIG series offers three different user interfaces that are nearly self-explanatory. Switching to a different
operating panel at a later time is a seamless experience and involves no learning curve.

Feeder case made of high-performance plastic:

The optional MicorMIG feeder case MF-08 offers a host of advantages. While designed to accommodate 300 mm wire reels,
it still fits through a manhole as required by the TRD 702 (320 x 420 mm). Enclosed in high-performance plastic, the case
provides superior protection and achieves first-rate insulation levels.

For clearer views:

Sporting an integrated fill level indicator, the MF-08 feeder case included in the Lorch MicorMIG series shows you at a
glance how much wire is still left at your disposal. This feature does away with the need to interrupt your work and take an
unscheduled break in order to fetch another roll of wire.


It takes only a few steps to rotate the operating panel on the MF-08 feeder case of the Lorch MicorMIG series by 90°,
converting it into a unit suitable for horizontal applications.

Ready for Speed:

Complete your welding jobs with even greater ease and speed by implementing optional Lorch Speed upgrades into your
MicorMIG machine.

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