M-Pro series
  • M-Pro series

M-Pro series

M for masterful. Pro for professional. This is the M-Pro. The Lorch M-Pro series brings industry-standard MIG-MAG perfection to your workshop – affordable, robust, and yet brimming with digital intelligence: The unique combination of smart software and a workshop-capable transformer system allows even the smallest of companies to optimise their welding production economically and with a noticeable efficiency increase at consistently high quality.

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The M-Pro uses the synergy system from the large Lorch industrial series. Tell the system what you are welding and let the M-Pro set the
appropriate pre-programmed welding parameters for convincing welding results in the various applications with its microprocessors.
The experience of the best welders in the world is available at the push of a button.

The M-Pro series covers three operating concepts: BasicPlus, ControlPro, and Performance. It also comes in five output versions. Your
M-Pro fits your workshop and your tasks like a bespoke suit. The best thing is that all of this is included in the attractive price!
Smart MIG-MAG welding
  • ƒ Intuitive operator guidance: Developed by welders for welders.
  • ƒ Synergy automatic adjustment: Perfect weld seams with the simplest adjustment.
  • ƒ Spatter-reduced ignition due to active choke.
  • ƒ Perfect arc: Low-spatter and stable, up to 21 (!) ideally tuned shifting steps from thin to thick.
  • ƒ Full MIG-MAG logic: Digitally controlled 2-/4-time and adjustable point and interval function as standard.
  • ƒ Digital display: Depending on the operating option for material thickness, voltage, welding current and wire feed speed
  • ƒ Remote control at the torch: With the Powermaster torch and Performance operation.
  • ƒ Tension-free wire feed: At the touch of a button. Safe and comfortable

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