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X 350

THE BENCHMARK IN MMA WELDING: Demanding tasks start where even the 5mm electrode is too small in MMA welding. At times, such applications can be downright extreme. There may be thick parent materials, typically complex welding positions, and rough environmental situations. Lorch has developed the X exactly for this application, with MicorBoost technology for excellent ignition and welding characteristics using basic, rutile, or CEL electrodes. All of this is enclosed in an extremely rugged yet particularly compact housing. Including the special vertical weld and pulse function that often brings relief for such applications. Tested by the world’s best welders under the toughest of conditions: The X is the benchmark in this segment

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At a glance:

Extended range:

Our MicorBoost technology is responsible for the superior welding characteristics of the Lorch X 350 and guarantees a
highly stable and forceful arc even if the machine is operated on cables with a length of up to 200 m.


The Lorch X 350 is always the perfect choice when you need to weld with basic, rutile and special electrodes that have a
diameter of up to 8 mm or need a tool that can handle vertical down-welding operations with cellulose electrodes (CEL).
What is more, ContacTIG allows you to perform TIG welding operations using direct current.

MicorBoost Technology:

Performance boost thanks to MicorBoost. As soon as the current is reduced due to external disruptions, significantly higher
voltage reserves can now be activated. The result is perfect electrode welding – including for CEL and other special


Thanks to the adaptive automatic Hotstart feature you can always count on perfect ignition.

Anti-Stick System:

The Anti-Stick system prevents the electrode from sticking.

Arc-Force regulation:

Arc-Force regulation supports the welding process with increased arc stability and optimised metal transfer.


Thanks to its low weight the Lorch X 350 preserves your mobility and flexibility no matter where your work takes you.

Remote control:

The Lorch X 350 can now also be controlled using an optional hand or foot remote control.

Lorch X 350 PST:

The PST variant of the Lorch X 350 includes a helpful polarity change function. This feature eliminates the need for
plugging the welding cable in at a different port as the remote control lets you effortlessly reverse the polarity.


Electrode vertical seam welding with MicorUp:

When combined with the ControlPro operating concept, the Lorch X 350 model applies MicorUp technology to produce
flawless vertical seams with basic electrodes. You no longer have to swing back and forth, but can simply guide the
electrode straight up. Thanks to patented control technology the MicorBoost technology always provides sufficient power to
keep the arc ignited and stable. What is more, MicorUp now does away with the need to weld in two passes, as one pass
with a large electrode will suffice.


In an effort to make the Lorch X 350 the perfect tool for use in the field, we gave it compact external dimensions,
protection against falls from a height of up to 60 cm, protection against water splashes, and shielding against dust and
foreign particles. The specially designed base guarantees sufficient ground clearance and provides a stable platform. This
intricate design even makes it possible to place the Lorch X 350 in accumulated water up to the level of the base plate.


When applying MicorBoost technology, you can rest assured that your machine will ignite in reliable fashion and produce a
stable arc even when operated on long mains cables with a length of up to 200 metres or when hooked up to a generator.


Apart from electrode welding, the Lorch X 350 also handles gouging applications without a hitch.

CC and CV curve for MIG-MAG welding:

The Lorch X 350 can also be used with semi-automatic MIG-MAG wire feeder cases.

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