• M-Series


Since the M-series was introduced three decades ago, it has always provided the quality and robustness of Lorch MIG-MAG welding units. This has never changed, even as cutting-edge technology such as microprocessor control, feed motor technology, and an automatic setting system were added.

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Durable, robust, and simply exceptional.

  • Automatic setting control
    Allowing you to automatically adjust the wire feed speed to the selected voltage level, the Lorch M 304 makes it a cinch to
    find the perfect operating point.
  • Quality wire feeder The Lorch M 304 comes standard with a 4-roll wire feeder.
  • Robust case Boasting a compact and rugged housing supported on four stable wheels, the Lorch M 304 can easily be stowed under the

          workbench or used as a storage surface as it allows you to place your equipment on its top.

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